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Amazing...Dr Mahmood is very meticulous, professional and skilled. I am thrilled with my results. She provides options and plenty of information to make a sound decision. She is just as concerned with the results as you are and wants perfection. She personally sees her patients at each follow-up which was a key factor in choosing her as my surgeon. I wouldn’t see anyone else.

The Best

I’ve been thinking about breast augmentation for the last 4-5 years after I had my son. I constantly postponed it as I wasn’t sure about the complications, recovery time or simply who to go to. When I found Dr. Mahmood I had no doubts that I was doing this. She made me feel confident in the procedure and the recovery time, I had no doubts that all would be well. The second thing that impressed me besides her confidence and knowledge was her age! She is young, intelligent, detailed oriented and beyond professional. My results are excellent - main recovery took about two weeks, full recovery about 2 months. I was able to go back to working out and weightlifting including pushups and pull us within two months.

Amazing breast augmentation experience

Dr Mahmood did my tummy tuck about 2 months ago. I had massive extra skin from previous weight loss surgery - about 150 lbs lost. She not only did an amazing job with only the bottom scar hip to hip, but she was able to lift from the bottom to help pull my falling top thigh. My scar is very thin, my belly button looks great, she did a little lipo on my flanks and I feel great, obviously I'm still a lil swollen but thats normal for a few months. She is an artist - best PS!!

Amazing results -she is an artist!

It was such a pleasure working with Dr. Mahmood. From beginning to end she treated me with such great care and respect. She listens and provides great advice, never once did I feel like I was talking with a Doctor I didn’t understand ...she was like my friend. My procedure with her was a bit complex but she was easy to trust and so good at her craft that my results came out perfect! I couldn’t be happier!

Couldn’t Be Happier!

I highly recommend Dr. Mahmood to any patient that is looking for a Physician that understands aesthetics. She takes her time, listens to your concerns, and gives you knowledgeable feedback. She cares about her patients and creates valued relationships with them. I have been getting Botox for years and have bruised with all Doctors other than Dr. Mahmood. She achieves the "Best" look for me.

No Bruises…only wrinkle free care

This Doctor performed surgery on myself and my daughter. Her work exceeded both of our expectations. My healing process was great, I literally experienced no pain, my body looks marvelous and she has been the most professional, dedicated and caring professional I’ve exer met. I thank her so much for literally changing my life. God bless her to continue to enhance the lives of all of her patients.

Search No More!!!

First off i have to tell you that i took my time to do proper research! After searching for 2 to 3 years i came across Dr. Mahmood's great work.
I wanted to get abdominal surgery because.... well i was fat. I felt fat. I felt unhappy. I didnt like what i saw when i looked in the mirror. I was wearing girdles all the time. I was spending so much money on them because i became addicted to wearing them... sorta like a crutch! I needed different ones for different outfits. It was ridiculous! Yet, i still couldnt look at myself in the mirror.
I played with the idea of getting surgery for so long that after a while ididnt think i would have the courage to actually get it done but i went into the office. I spoke to the staff. I met Dr. Mahmood and i knew she had to be the one that "fixed" me. She is sweet and friendly and very informative. She made me feel at ease and so comfortable that when the time came to do the surgery, iwasnt scared at all!
This month is August. I did my surgery in May. I am a different person. I feel beautiful. I feel like a woman who finally has curves... well i do have curves... NOW. I can wear tight clothes. I have confidence. I love what i see in the mirror. And thats because of Dr. Mahmood!!!!
Guys, this is a real review! I am living proof that dreams are real and they do come through. I have no regrets. I would do it again if i had to. This feeling is so surreal and amazing. Im so greatful, thankful for blessed for being placed in her hands!

I Couldn't Have Chosen a More Amazing Doctor!

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I was very nervous at first about getting my breast reduction but Dr. Mahmood removed all nervousness I had. Her work is phenomenal, she is very precise and tries to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. She puts her all into each and every patient so that they get the best possible results! I can't explain how Happy I am with my breast reduction and its all thanks to her! she removed the right amount of boob to still give me boobs without it being too heavy on my chest. I'm only about 3 months post-op and the scarring is barely visible. I will be forever grateful for her and her work !

Couldn't Have Chose a Better Doctor!

My experience with Dr.Mahmood was nothing less than great ! She perfected my pout! My lips look great and I would highly recommend her. Dr.Mahmood has a great personality and made me feel very comfortable. She has great bed side manner.

Dr.Umbareen Mahmood-Best Plastic Surgeon out There !

Where do I begin my amazing experience with Dr. Mahmood?
My entire life I have had such bad medically induced anxiety (white coat syndrome) when visiting the doctors. I’ve wanted to get Botox and lip fillers for a while - but my anxiety of going to the doctors would always get in the way.

The moment I stepped into Dr. Mahmood’s office my anxiety totally went away! I felt so at ease with her; she took the time to carefully explain the process. After explaining she began injecting the Botox - I didn’t even flinch! It was so easy.... I’ve had eyebrow waxes that hurt more! I couldn’t be more happy with the results - my wrinkles ,that I’ve been self conscious about for a while, disappeared in days.

Next were lip fillers. I was hesitant to do both Botox and fillers at once... but her caring/educational/ informative demeanor gave me the confidence that I could do it!
Prior to doing lip fillers she sat down with me and explained the shape of my lips and where she planned to inject the filler to give a natural plump look and that’s exactly what I got!

I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience. I highly recommend Dr. Mahmood, not only is she super informative and makes you feel comfortable she’s so relatable, young, and on trend - you feel like she’s a friend giving you lip fillers and Botox!

Best experience at the doctors

From the consultation to the surgery date, Dr. Mahmood is so great to work with. She explains everything very clearly, and will answer any questions you may have. I recommend her to anyone considering surgery- especially breast aug, lipo and botox. Great results, while still looking natural!

So great!

Dr. Mahmood is fantastic. She is very pleasant, and goes above and beyond to meet a patients expectations. Dr. Mahmood is extremely skillful and precise. I still can not believe the beautiful results of the tummy tuck that she performed on me. I call her my “miracle worker” because the results of the procedure was an absolute miracle for me, far beyond what I expected. I definitely recommend Dr. Mahmood for any cosmetic procedures

Dr. Mahmood is fantastic!!


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