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Fat transfer surgery is performed by the double Ivy League trained board certified plastic surgeon at our Upper East Side, Manhattan (New York, NY) based plastic surgery center. The highly popular procedure involves the removal of fat from one part of the body followed by its placement into another part of the body where the patient desires more volume. Both men and women may opt to undergo fat transfer surgery to address excess / unwanted fat in a target area, as well as address lack of definition or volume in another area of the body. This technique is highly effective and characterized by the use of only organic materials (as only the patient’s fat is utilized in the process). A fat transfer can boost your self-esteem and actualize several of your aesthetic goals through a single surgical procedure. Dr. Mahmood and her Upper East Side, NYC based team of fat transfer specialists are dedicated to providing patients with breathtaking, natural-looking results that reflect each patient’s unique anatomy and post-operative aesthetic goals. 

Fat transfer surgery with the top rated board certified plastic surgeon at the Upper East Side, NY surgical practice consists of surgically moving fat from one part of the body to another. This procedure is considered natural, as we only use the patient’s extracted donor fat to provide volume to the desired target areas. The most common extraction target areas include the thighs, stomach, and arms, while the most common reinjection areas are the breasts, buttocks, cheeks, and lips. Typically, fifty to seventy percent of fat cells successfully transfer during a fat graft. 

Fat transfer surgery is an effective approach to add fresh volume to parts of the body that have lost shape due to the natural aging process or weight loss and have become saggy or drooping. A fat graft can improve blood flow, which ultimately rejuvenates the skin beneath and improves the overall post-surgical outcome. Additionally, fat transfer may be utilized for healing, including the treatment of various skin problems and the fading of scars. 

During your initial fat transfer consultation with the top rated double Ivy League trained plastic surgeon at the Upper East Side, New York based plastic surgery practice, you will discuss your post-treatment goals with the plastic surgeon. She will evaluate your desired target areas and determine if there is enough viable fat to transfer to the desired reinjection sites. Men and women in generally good health who desire the removal of fat from one area and the addition to volume in another area of the body with realistic post-operative goals are typically candidates for a fat transfer. You will have the opportunity to speak with the plastic surgeon one-on-one to go over any questions or concerns you may have about the fat transfer process. 

During your fat transfer procedure, the plastic surgeon extracts fat from one area of the body, places it in a centrifuge (where the fat is spun and isolated), followed by the reinjection of the fat into another part of the body. There is very little downtime necessary and the treatment is minimally invasive. Scarring is minimal, and any scars that do exist are typically discretely concealed in the body’s natural folds and creases. 

Our plastic surgery practice is dedicated to protecting your health and helping you achieve your cosmetic plastic surgery goals by providing superior patient care every step of the way, from the first consultation through the recovery period. We believe in making plastic surgery a comfortable fit for your budget and offer a variety of flexible financing options, including CareCredit™. Our in-office patient coordinator is happy to work with you to find a compatible payment option.

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