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CO2 laser skin resurfacing is a highly popularized best in class non-surgical cosmetic treatment at our Manhattan (NYC) plastic surgery practice. This non-invasive ablative laser skin resurfacing procedure can treat skin inconsistencies such as uneven pigmentation, age indications, acne scars, and more. Our top rated cosmetic facial plastic surgery team is dedicated to providing dramatic, natural-looking results that reflect the unique aesthetic desires of each patient.

Dramatic enhancement of skin elasticity, collagen, reduced wrinkle appearances and pigmentation removal is achieved with CO2 laser skin resurfacing.

The CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fractional laser rejuvenates the skin by reducing fine lines, scarring and sun damage, and at the same time it provides some skin tightening benefits.

The CO2 Fractional Laser delivers multiple columns of energy beams to vaporize dead skin cells and ablate the superficial layer of skin. The procedure initiates a natural healing process in which your skin pushes out columns of old skin and rejuvenates the newer, healthier layers that shine through.

Your non-surgical CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment consists of the plastic surgeon utilizing the laser to deliver quick pulses to the superficial layer of the skin (without causing thermal damage) that help diminish inconsistencies, blemishes, and uneven pigmentation through non-surgical, ablative laser skin resurfacing. The cutting-edge laser technology delivers quick pulses to the affected skin to stimulate collagen production and reduce stubborn imperfections.

The following occurs after CO2 laser treatment:

  1. Removing the epidermis takes away skin imperfections including wrinkles, rough areas, pigmentation problems, and scars.
  2. The laser heat burns away damaged collagen and contracts loose collagenous tissue.
  3. Stripping off the skin’s top surface alerts the immune system and stimulates inflammatory processes. These events lead to the release of substances that induce the body’s natural repair mechanisms. During the healing process, the epidermal cells grow back and the skin produces more collagen. The deeper skin layers also undergo repair and renewal. 

CO2 laser skin resurfacing diminishes:

● Acne scars
● Dark spots
● Discoloration
● Fine lines / wrinkles / other signs of aging
● Enlarged pores
● Skin blemishes
● Sun spots
● Uneven pigment

 Typically, men and women who desire brighter, younger looking skin and diminished facial skin imperfections are ideal candidates for CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. You will have the opportunity to speak with the cosmetic plastic surgeon one-on-one to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment during your consultation.

Our plastic surgery practice is dedicated to protecting your health and helping you achieve your cosmetic plastic surgery goals by providing superior patient care every step of the way, from the first consultation through the recovery period. We believe in making plastic surgery a comfortable fit for your budget and offer a variety of flexible financing options, including CareCredit™. Our in-office patient coordinator is happy to work with you to find a compatible payment option.

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