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Dr. Umbareen Mahmood recently contributed to a AEDIT article about gynecomastia treatment options for men. Below is an excerpt from the article.

“Gynecomastia can impact men at different stages of life and is often (though not always) caused by hormones. “At birth, newborn males often have enlarged breasts due to the residual effects of their mother’s estrogen,” says New York City-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon Umbareen Mahmood, MD. “A hormonal imbalance can again occur at puberty or in older men, resulting in a higher estrogen to testosterone ratio.”

Read the full article on AEDIT.

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Dr. Mahmood specializes in gynecomastia surgery and has helped many male patients. Contact Dr. Mahmood to learn more about your gynecomastia surgery options. Dr. Mahmood is a board certified, double Ivy League-trained surgeon practicing in Union Square, NYC.

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