What to Expect from a Breast Reduction

For many women, breast reduction can be a life changing surgery. Women with overly large breasts often suffer from physical symptoms such as back, shoulder, and neck pain, which in turn can lead to restricted activity and emotional distress. By reducing the size of the breasts, the procedure can help women with overly large breasts perform their daily activities and enjoy their lives more comfortably.

As with any surgery, deciding to have a breast reduction is a big decision that you should be well prepared for. Below, we’ve highlighted a few aspects of breast reduction to help patients understand what to expect.

What to Expect from your Breast Reduction Surgery

Expect to look and feel better.

Women who have undergone breast reduction tend to have an extremely high satisfaction level, both in relief of their symptoms, improvement in self-esteem, and enhancement of aesthetic appearance and body contour. Some outcomes patients can look forward to are:

  • Decreased neck and back pain
  • Less risk of rashes in breast folds 
  • Firmer, more youthful looking breasts
  • Breasts will fit more comfortably in bras
  • Better proportioned breasts, leading to a more balanced silhouette
  • Clothes will look and feel better, boosting confidence

Guidance from your surgeon.

Many women do not know how much they can or should reduce their breast size by. The amount breasts can be reduced is based on a number of variables such as the patient’s height and weight, current breast size, and overall goals. During your consultation, Dr. Mahmood will guide you through your options to tailor the best plan for your reduction.

Scarring will occur.

The reduction incision will result in a scar which will vary in shape and size based on the technique used by Dr. Mahmood. With optimal scar treatment and time, most patients’ scars significantly improve within six months to a year of the procedure.

Recovery will take a few weeks.

Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure which means patients go home the same day after their procedure. Soreness is expected during the first few days after the surgery, so patients should plan ahead and consider taking a few days off from school or work to properly recover. Many patients worry that they will need a month of leave, but 3-4 days is sufficient for most patients. Patients should wear a soft supportive surgical or sports bra for 1 to 2 months and avoid vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for 1 month after surgery. They are permitted to shower 24 hours after the surgery but are advised to refrain from swimming or soaking in tub for 2 months after the procedure. 

Insurance may cover the procedure.

Reductions can sometimes be classified as non-aesthetic and in these cases your insurance company may cover part or all of the cost of breast reduction surgery. For the procedure to be considered non-aesthetic it must be deemed medically necessary by the specific insurance provider; this typically means the procedure is being conducted to relieve physical problems such as back, neck or shoulder pain. If approved by the insurance carrier, they determine how much breast tissue must be removed for them to assist with paying for the procedure. This information will be covered in detail during your consultation. 

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