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Best Experience at the Doctor’s!
Where do I begin my amazing experience with Dr. Mahmood? My entire life I have had such bad medically induced anxiety (white coat syndrome) when visiting the doctors. I’ve wanted to get Botox and lip fillers for a while - but my anxiety of going to the doctors would always get in the way.

I Couldn’t Have Chosen A More Amazing Doctor!
First off i have to tell you that i took my time to do proper research! After searching for 2 to 3 years i came across Dr. Mahmood's great work. I wanted to get abdominal surgery because.... well i was fat. I felt fat. I felt unhappy. I didnt like what i saw when i looked in the mirror. I was wearing girdles all the time. I was spending so much money on them because i became addicted to wearing them... sorta like a crutch! I needed different ones for different outfits. It was ridiculous! Yet, i still couldnt look at myself in the mirror. I played with the idea of getting surgery for so long that after a while i didnt think i would have the courage to actually get it done but i went into the office. I spoke to the staff. I met Dr. Mahmood and i knew she had to be the one that "fixed" me. She is sweet and friendly and very informative. She made me feel at ease and so comfortable that when the time came to do the surgery, i wasnt scared at all! This month is August. I did my surgery in May. I am a different person. I feel beautiful. I feel like a woman who finally has curves... well i do have curves... NOW. I can wear tight clothes. I have confidence. I love what i see in the mirror. And thats because of Dr. Mahmood!!!! Guys, this is a real review! I am living proof that dreams are real and they do come through. I have no regrets. I would do it again if i had to. This feeling is so surreal and amazing. Im so greatful, thankful for blessed for being placed in her hands! Dont believe me? Check this pic out... if it wasnt for the tattoo i would not have believed this was me....

Search No More!!
This Doctor performed surgery on myself and my daughter. Her work exceeded both of our expectations. My healing process was great, I literally experienced no pain, my body looks marvelous and she has been the most professional, dedicated and caring professional I’ve exer met. I thank her so much for literally changing my life. God bless her to continue to enhance the lives of all of her patients.

Amazing Experience!
Dr. Mahmood is one the best surgeons in her time. She is caring, detail and specific. I am impressed with with my results. She did an exceptional work, she is more like friend/ girl friend. Dr. Mahmood is best. Couldn't have ask for better results Thank you and entire team.

New Lips and Cheeks
I love my lips so much!! This is my second time having lip augmentation with Dr. Mahmood and they are gorgeous!! What I love most of all is that my lips look natural, just much prettier :-) I also splurged and had filler to my cheekbones this time and love it. The look is subtle and natural but really refreshed my face. I just look prettier and nobody knows why! Thank you Dr. Mahmood and see you in 6 months!!

Very Very Happy with Results!
For years I contemplated breast augmentation. After finally making the decision to do so, I had to find the right plastic surgeon who had a proven track record and expertise, and could make me feel comfortable about the entire process, and through a trusted friend Dr. Mahmood was highly recommended. An from the first consultation visit Dr. Mahmood was absolutely amazing! She was patient with me, answered all of my question, and really assured me. She not only answered all my questions but took the time to explain the details of the procedure. Not only to me but to my husband as well. As you can imagine the question of size came into question, and Dr. Mahmood made a great suggestion and helped me choose a size that was great for my height and weight that yielded results far greater than I could have ever imagined. I also have keloid skin and Dr. Mahmood reassured me and my surgery resulted in no keloid formation whatsoever. No only is Dr. Mahmood a great surgeon, but she also possesses an excellent bedside manner and a great personality. I’d highly recommend her. Even if it’s just for a consultation. You won’t be disappointed. Soon I will be going back for my complete “Mommy Makeover”!!! I can’t wait....

Your Search is Over!
Where do I even start about this amazing Doctor!? I had considered a breast augmentation for years and met with numerous drs, but never felt like I was heard. I even met with “THE breast dr of NYC” and quite honestly couldn’t stand him. He sounded like a broken record, like I was just another patient and I left feeling more anxious than ever. The following week I met with Dr. Mahmood and almost instantly knew she was my surgeon! She spent so much time with me, truly listening and offering advice. One of the hardest things for me was picking a size. She spent over an hour with me, trying on implants, explaining why one might be better than the next and never once seemed annoyed with my perpetual indecisiveness. The day of my surgery she was so calm and reassuring that I had zero nerves. I also can’t say enough good things about her anesthesiologist and nurse. I’m currently 7 weeks post op and my breast look incredible! Prior to surgery, I was an A cup. I had breast fed and my small breasts had become even smaller and deflated. Now trying on bikinis and backless dresses is SO fun! I wish I could personally talk to everyone considering Dr. Mahmood, because I know how hard it is to put such a major surgery in someone else’s hands, but I can absolutely assure you there is no one better! Simply talking to her for 5min and you’ll just know. She totally just “gets it!” Besides that she is a total perfectionist, excited and passionate about her work and up to date on all the latest surgical procedures. I also really appreciated how personal she was. I was never dealing with a secretary or a PA, she would personally email and call me herself and has been in constant contact throughout my healing process. There aren’t enough words to thank her or describe what a talented surgeon and wonderful person she is. Rest assured your search is over!

Delighted to recommend Dr. Umbareen Mahmood! I’m excited by my new-improved upper abdomen at only one month after liposuction and can’t wait to see what changes future weeks bring. Procedure itself was relatively quick and the offices are stylish and comforting. I always felt well cared for. Dr. Mahmood is a skilled surgeon, clear communicator, and really an artist with her work. Plastic surgery is as much art as it is science, and this superwoman has all the talent, enviable diligence, and an obvious passion for what she does.

Just Amazing
Not only does Dr. Mahmood’s work speak for itself, but one consultation with her and you’ll understand why she is the best of the best. She answers all of your questions willingly and honestly, and spends her time with you addressing your every concern. From the moment I met her, her easy-going demeanor, advice, and the time he spent in the room with me, I was hooked. With Dr. Mahmood’s abundance of knowledge, attention to detail as well as listening and understanding her patients concerns, allows her to implement and utilize her skills which deliver tremendous results. Plenty of doctors can achieve great results, but not as many look at it from a patient-centered viewpoint and really take the time to get to know their patients like Dr. Mahmood does. Being of a healthcare background myself, I understand the importance of the patient, not just the procedure, and Dr. Mahmood puts that at the forefront of her practice. She her staff are wonderful. I’ve had multiple procedures done by her, and I’m so pleased with my beautiful results and would recommend her to anyone.

Dr. Mahmood is an Amazing Plastic Surgeon!
Dr. Umbareen Mahmood is a wonderful physician and plastic surgeon. She filled my lips to make them larger while keeping them natural looking. She also did a wonderful job making my wrinkles disappear with Dysport. While getting my routine botulinum I also consulted Dr. Mahmood on getting a breast reduction and liposuction. After a number of other consultations I am absolutely positive that she is the best plastic surgeon for the job.

I Had a WOW Experience

I had a wow experience. I had an amazing job done, never regretted it a bit. I had an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks. It made my husband the happiest guy around. Hats off to Dr. Mahmood!

No Bruises…Only Wrinkle Free Care

I highly recommend Dr. Mahmood to any patient that is looking for a Physician that understands aesthetics. She takes her time, listens to your concerns, and gives you knowledgeable feedback. She cares about her patients and creates valued relationships with them. I have been getting Botox for years and have bruised with all Doctors other than Dr. Mahmood. She achieves the "Best" look for me.

Dr. Mahmood is Fantastic!

Dr. Mahmood is fantastic! She is professional, super friendly, understanding, takes her time, puts you at ease, takes her time, explains everything, gives suggestions. There are plenty of adjectives I can add but not enough space. She dealt extremely well with my anxiety (needles in your face) and the results were awesome.

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Mahmood – Amazing experience!
Dr. Mahmood is amazing! It was my first time getting under eye fillers and she talked me through the entire process. She is very knowledgeable and takes her time during the procedure. I had little to no swelling or bruising after the procedure, the fillers look amazing. Her expertise and her ability to make you feel at ease really helped throughout the entire process. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Mahmood, you won't be disappointed.

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