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Wearing earrings is a very popular way of expressing one’s personal style. However, these fashion statements are not always free from consequences, especially if the earrings worn are heavy, or if the wearer is overly sensitive to piercings. Over time, or due to trauma, earlobes can become elongated or split into two.  Gauges, or other types of ear accessories, can also significantly stretch out the delicate earlobe tissue. If you are unhappy by the stretched or split earlobe appearance, Dr. Mahmood offers earlobe repair surgery, at her Union Square office, to restore a natural and symmetric lobe appearance.

Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe repair is a quick, outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia. There is no downtime for the procedure, and the small meticulously placed sutures are removed one week later.  Patients are advised to wait 8-12 weeks before re-piercing their ears to prevent poor scarring or earlobe injury.

Other earlobe conditions

  • Abnormal earlobe scarAlso known as Keloid scars, these are raised scars that form in the pierced area or due to an injury to the lobe. These scars can be particularly prominent and can be firm to the touch. Aside from being cosmetically bothersome and causing emotional distress, these scars can also be painful. Dr. Mahmood will determine the best treatment option to remove the keloid, to reconstruct the earlobe, and to avoid the keloid recurring.

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