Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck

What is a Tummy Tuck?


A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to cosmetically improve the appearance of the abdomen. Formerly known as an abdominoplasty, this procedure removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen, repairs a diastasis recti, or muscle separation that can occur from childbirth, and repositions the umbilicus in an aesthetically pleasing site. This results in a smoother and more toned abdominal appearance.

A tummy tuck strengthens the lower abdominal wall and removes excess skin and fat that is often the result of weight loss and gain over time due to aging, pregnancy, prior surgery, genetics, or other significant weight fluctuations.

Ideal Candidates for Tummy Tuck

Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck include healthy, non-smoking patients who maintain their weight and have realistic expectations. These patients have often committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise.

Many people consider tummy tuck surgery if they have:

    • Accumulated excess skin around their bellybutton
    • Weak lower abdominal wall
    • Liposuction did not improve the appearance of the abdomen
    • Retracted scarring of a prior C-section or surgical scar
    • Loose skin after bariatric surgery
    • Excess abdominal fat/skin after pregnancy

For women who have had a C-section, Dr. Mahmood will remove their existing scar and replace it with a thin, fine, more cosmetically pleasing scar hidden in the bikini line.

Tummy tucks are often performed in conjunction with liposuction of the waist to better contour the abdominal area, and can also be performed with other cosmetic procedures like breast surgery.

When to Avoid Surgery

It is not advisable to have a tummy tuck if you:

  • Plan to lose a great deal of weight, or have a higher body mass index due to the increased risk of complications
  • Plan a pregnancy in the future
  • Suffer from severe, chronic conditions that are not properly managed

Tummy Tuck Surgery

tummy-tuck-surgery-nycDuring a tummy tuck surgery a  horizontal incision is made low in the bikini line. Next, Dr. Mahmood elevates the abdominal skin flap above the muscle to free up the tissue and then stretch it down firmly to determine the maximum amount of tissue that can be removed. She will then tighten the fascia, which is the covering over the abdominal muscle, with permanent sutures. This corrects the rectus diastasis (muscle separation), and provides an ‘internal corset.’ The skin around the belly button is then re-positioned and the bellybutton is inset into a natural position.

Drains are typically placed during the surgery, which is a routine part of the procedure. Dr. Mahmood will then place a compression garment.

Tummy tucks are performed under general anesthesia and they are often combined with liposuction for a sculpted waistline.

Recovery & After Care

Dr. Mahmood believes in the importance of close follow up and making sure patients are comfortable with every step of the recovery process. She sees patients the day after surgery in her Union Square office, at one week to remove one drain, week two to remove the second drain, and at one month post-operatively.

We remove both drains by the second week after surgery.

Dr. Mahmood explains everything necessary to ensure a smooth recovery at every step of the post-operative period, including when to begin massage, scar creams to promote optimal scar healing, and when and what physical activities can be restarted. She is very familiar with patients who may face challenges with scarring and are prone to hypertrophic scars and keloids, and this close follow-up allows a proactive approach to providing the best result possible.

General Recovery & After Care Guidelines

  • Patients will need to have someone take them home after surgery.
  • We recommend patients wear a compression garment for approximately six weeks. Compression garments prevent fluid build-up, decrease swelling, and provide support during the healing process.
  • The doctor advises patients to walk immediately after surgery and on the following days.
  • Patients should avoid heavy lifting or vigorous physical activity for four weeks.
  • The doctor prescribes pain medication and antibiotics
  • Most patients take off approximately 1 week from work, but this is variable based on individual patients needs and desires.


Results of a tummy tuck are immediate, and improvements will continue over the next several weeks as the swelling resolves. The procedure is long-lasting, but patients are encouraged to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain the results.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost NYC

The cost of tummy tuck surgery varies on a patient-by-patient basis. Dr. Mahmood is committed to helping her Union Square patients achieve the best possible surgical outcomes, so every case begins with a comprehensive consultation where Dr. Mahmood examines the patient and outlines tummy tuck surgery costs and considerations.

Contact us today to book your NYC tummy tuck consolation with Dr. Mahmood – a Board Certified, double Ivy League-trained, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Union Square, NY.

More About Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Mahmood, she will review your medical history, medications, previous surgeries, history of non-invasive body contouring treatments, smoking status, and your overall health. She will perform a thorough physical examination and discuss your expectations, concerns, and surgical goals.

Dr. Mahmood will work with you to determine the best treatment option to help achieve your desired result in a safe and effective way.

Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos